Roxanna Nic Liam plays Personality Bingo with Tom Moran

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Roxanna Nic Liam is an Irish actor who has worked in Ireland and the U.K. 

 She has worked with many Irish theatre companies including at The Abbey Theatre; (The Passing, Perve, The Plough and The Stars), Druid (Be Infants In Evil), Brokentalkers (This Is Still Life, The Passion Project),  THEATREclub (Rough, THEATREclub Stole Your Clock Radio) and AXIS Ballymun (Stór). 

In the U.K. she had worked at The National Theatre (Liolà, Broad Shadow), toured the UK with English Touring Theatre (Translations) and The Separation at Theatre 503.

In film she has starred in Agnes Browne, Rat, Two Hearts and The Cherishing. 

For tv she starred in Love/Hate and is currently on Fair City. 

She is also a practising and trained drama facilitator.

She writes and performs poetry.