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Pints of Malt

Pints of Malt

The Pints of Malt podcast is brought to you by four Nigerian/Irish lads. Growing up in Ireland, Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz have endless stories of their childhood and upbringing. Being exposed to the two cultures (Nigerian and Irish) has meant the boys have had some unique experiences that will be teased out as the series progresses.

Pints of Malt #80 | #EndSARS

On this episode of Pints of Malt, we have a quick call with Ore who lives in Nigeria. He shares with us how things are going with the #EndSARS protests. We also discuss the new iPhone 12. That and more. We hope you enjoy it! #PintsOfMalt…

Pints of Malt #79 | USA DNA

On this episode of Pints of Malt, we’re joined by @unclebouncee. We do a recap of monumental things that have happened during quarantine. We also discuss Trumps short stay at the hospital and what we envisage as the future after Covid. We…