Episode 43 – Paul Woodfull

This week on PODAROONEY, I chat with Paul Woodfull. I first came into contact with Paul when he was ents officer in NCAD and I was in a band called Guernica. Well I suppose if you are in a band named after a Picasso painting then the chances are you’ll get booked in the art college. I then saw him perform as lead singer of the U2 parody band The Joshua Trio. At a time when it felt like sacrilege to say a bad word about U2 in Ireland it was a breath of fresh air to see Paul’s interpretation of Bono as some kind of messianic preacher. Arthur Mathews was drummer in The Trio and it was at these gigs that the character Father Ted was born. Paul, Arthur and Graham Linehan also performed some sketches in The Comedy Cellar. He has various performance alter-egos, including DJ Gary on RTE radio, cabaret singer Tony St James and republican balladeer Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly. He has written and performed on RTE’s Stew, Val Falvey and Pictorial Weekly and has co-written the stage musical I-Keano. He also created and performed in the bands Abbaesque and The Glam Tarts. Myself and Paul have recently released the song The Craic We Had the Day We Died For Ireland.

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