7 Best Financial Podcasts Feat. Well Kept Wallet & More!

Budgeting… the elusive word that conjures fear almost as much as money leaving your bank account to go towards rent every month. Wanna know how to keep some of your money? That’s where we come in… 

Roisin Moloney shares her top personal finance podcasts to make the most of her money and make her money work for her. 

Well Kept Wallet with Deacon Hayes 

Started in 2014, Well Kept Wallet is all about making your money work for you. Throughout the podcast, Hayes interviews people from all walks of life. Episode 28 details the story of Houston Gunn (then a 16 year old entrepreneur and highschooler) speaking about his book Schooled for Success: How I Plan to Graduate from High School a Millionaire”. Episode 41 also details the proper implementation of budgets, as we all need as we head back to school and find it difficult balancing work, social life and paying rent. Episode 72 shares grocery shopping tips with helpful advice from Erin Chase, the founder of 5 Dollar Dinners, and in keeping with that theme, episode 74 outlines how to plan for college with College Funding Consultant, Brad Baldridge.

Millennial Money Minutes

Started in 2016, this helpful bitesize personal finance podcast condenses all you wish you knew about personal finance in 5 minutes or less. Insightful episodes I’ve found helpful are Is a Car Worth It? – weighing up the pros and cons of shelling out for a car vs owning a depreciating asset that bleeds money the second you drive it off the lot. With the availability of ride-sharing apps and car rentals and increasing reliance on remote working, is owning a little Ruby even worth the dent in your bank account? Student loans are another oft quoted topic in the forefront of students minds, wondering if you can buy yourself dinner with the obtrusively expensive Starbucks you just spent your money on (spoiler – it’s probably not worth it!). And once you graduate from the wonderful world of college, reality sets in, check out tips for new college graduates


Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

This 25 minute show hosted by the money expert Claer Barrett from The Financial Times stuffs your wallet (and your brain) with helpful tips and takeaways from Financial Times writers and financial experts. Speaking about personal finance from a UK context, this podcast is still packed with helpful tips applicable to Irish money savers including how to budget at university to advice to graduate students seeking their first job. How can you make your money work for you when you’re spending hours in the library and surviving on Pot Noodle and energy drinks? This podcast has it all! 

The Clever Girls Know Podcast

Started in 2017 and hosted by the founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance, Bola Sokunbi, this women-led personal finance podcast is part of an online education platform empowering women to be smarter with their money. This podcast takes a more intimate outlook on the sphere of personal finance through exploring different women’s financial journeys, and motivating women too (a win-win if you ask me). This #girlboss-centric podcast covers issues such as paying off student loan debt, figuring out how to use credit cards, budgeting, and even a retrospective look back at the advice you would give to your younger self concerning all things finance

Popcorn Finance

This short-form podcast teaches you all things finance in the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn (go on, you know you want to). Started in 2017, Popcorn Finance teaches you all things money including saving, investing, getting started on the credit ladder when young, to a whole series of episodes dedicated to tiny homes (so cute, right?!). I particularly enjoy the episodes with appearances from Erin Lowry (author of Broke Millennial and founder of BrokeMillennial.com) in which she shares her tips for saving and not solely focused on saving, learning to have fun with your money too! One particular favourite episode of mine is Are Millennials More Financially Insecure in which the increasing high cost of living is discussed as well as the pressure to save for retirement at such a young age. But rest assured, any personal finance topic you can think of, Popcorn Finance has you, and your wallet covered! 

The Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey, American personal finance personality, radio host, businessman and author hosts this insightful podcast helping people with their finances. Ramsey offers advice to millions of callers drawing from his expansive knowledge of personal finance and the myriad of books he has written. He changes peoples financial lives, one small step at a time. Through his “Baby Steps” approach, he guides his callers through easy steps they can take to better their finances at a pace achievable and amenable to them. Covering topics like being 17 and having 25K in Savings, to investing as a college student, Ramsey’s infectious Southern drawl really makes you feel like you can achieve your financial goals one small step at a time!

The Financial Confessions

Started in 2019, The Financial Confessions is a long-form podcast hosted by Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet. Although speaking about personal finance in a US context, Fagan interviews guests weekly on their money habits including Ingrid Nielsen, Stefanie O’ Connell Rodriguez and Doug Boneparth. Boneparth’s episode tackles all things student debt and saving for retirement and O’ Connell Rodriguez’s episode speaks about finances, feminism and why she is not part of the FIRE movement. The Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement started gaining traction during the 2010’s and is designed around saving and investing aggressively. Attempting to save 50-75% of your income, so you reach the goal of being able to retire in your 30s or 40s. Emergency Budgets are tackled also, as well as getting out of debt and advice for people on lower incomes. A Travel Hacker, Julia Menez from Geobreeze Travel shares her tips about getting back to travelling in a post-pandemic world and her hacks for making the most of travel for when we can travel again (so get planning that holiday!).

What are your favourite ways to save? Share some of your money tips in the comments below! In this episode of Basically…with Stefanie Preissner, money guru offers some great advice on taxes, pensions and more:

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