7 Best HeadStuff Podcasts For Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love! Over the years, many of the podcasts on the HeadStuff Podcast Network have touched on stories of romance, offering advice about dating or just trying to figure out what is ‘love’. Why not give some of these love-themed podcast episodes a try!

Double Love

What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than with an episode of Double Love? As hosts Karyn Moynihan and Anna Carey delve into the sensational 1980s book series of Sweet Valley High, love plots and whirlwind romances are a common theme. There are so many love-stricken episodes to choose from! While I’d recommend you start Double Love from the beginning to get the full picture of the tumultuous relationships found in the series, here are two recent episodes which focus on love (and deceit, but it wouldn’t be Sweet Valley High without some overlapping of the two!)

Episode 97 – Steven’s Bride

In Episode 97, Steven’s Bride, Karyn and Anne take a look at Steven and Cara’s wedding, the consequences – and hilarity – that comes with it.

Episode 90 – The Dating Game

Meanwhile in Episode 90, The Dating Game, two Sweet Valley High girls compete for the same man. In a tale where potential love turns into a revenge plot, this is a fun one to tune into if you’re looking for a bit of drama this Valentine’s Day.


Phoning It In

Episode 91 – Michael Fry, Roxanna Nic Liam, Luke Benson

Phoning It In is a hilarious improvised phone-in show. Each week, host Dave Coffey fields a collection of calls from a bunch of cranks, oddballs and weirdos. Dave is joined in studio by regular guests who will lend some ‘expert’ advice to the callers.

On this special Valentine’s Day episode the gang talk all about LOVE.  Featuring Michael Fry, Roxanna Nic Liam and Luke Benson, this episodes promises to be a barrel of laughs. Miles has developed feelings for a robot – I mean, who hasn’t? Molly has fallen head over heels for Batman. Or at least, a batman. And Jack has fallen for his mentor. There’s even chat from a couple who are struggling with issues surrounding their balloon children. Yes, you read that right. So, if you find love just as confusing to navigate as these guys, go give this episode and listen. 


Episode 121 – The Faerie Wife

Fireside bard Kevin C. Olohoan retells tales of folklore and myth each week on this podcast. Every great folktale features an epic romance in some form – alongside bitter betrayals. Without that, such stories would never exist in the first place, and many epic quests would be lost.

While there are plenty of episode in the Fireside catalogue recanting tales of enchanting love stories and less than ideal marriages, in The Faerie Wife there is more than just the love of a husband and wife at stake.

The story follows a mortal boy from Donegal who unknowingly marries a Faerie. She is happy that someone loves her for who she is, but the boy struggles to overcome the preconceptions of those around him. When his uncles interfere in his happy life with the faerie, his actions lead to an unwitting, heart-breaking betrayal.

Host Kevin goes on to discuss the story, the consequences of their broken trust and lost love.

There are plenty of other love stories to check out from Fireside, including Lleu and Blodeuedd, The Enchanting Earl and The Dargle Lovers.

Basically…with Stefanie Preissner

Episode 45 – What’s the Story with Dating, Feargal?

If you’re on the hunt for love, then look no further than this episode of Basically. In What’s the Story with Dating, Feargal? podcast host Stefanie Preissner chats to Feargal Harrington, the founder of Intro Matchmaking about dating, navigating dating apps and what single men and women want. Feargal offers tips and advice for what works when dating, the importance of confidence, and why it’s important to try and approach people without a bit of dutch courage.

Check out this episode to see why Feargal suggests you surround yourself with like-minded people when looking for the ‘one’ and why you need to start managing your expectations.

Episode 80 – What’s the Story with Loneliness, Mairead?

Equally, dating is a minefield and Valentine’s Day can be difficult for people who might be feeling lonely. In this episode, Stefanie chats with matchmaker and dating specialist Mairead Loughman from Love HQ, who offers solutions to combat loneliness. From nurturing friendships to making new friends, it’s important to look after your mental health and to remember that the best love you can practice is self-love.

Words to That Effect

Episode 18 – Romance Novels

Words to That Effect explores the stories of the fiction that shapes popular culture. In the episode Romance Novels, host Conor Reid explores romance novels in all their different forms, from single titles to category romances, traditional romance plots to all the various subgenres available

The host chats with an expert who is conveniently working on a book exploring romance heroines. They uncover the background of romance novels, and how early works from the Brontës and Samuel Richardson influence the modern tales we read today.

This episode also looks at the rise of diversity in modern books, including a broader spectrum of the kinds of relationships being portrayed, and the inclusion of supernatural and fantastical elements in plots. Conor challenges the condescension that can come when reading romance novels, where did the popularity of Mills and Boon books come from and, crucially, why read romance novels?

They’re Only Stories

Episode 5 – Chapel of Ease

They’re Only Stories celebrates storytelling and the people behind those stories. Chapel of Ease, written by Peter Dunne, is not your typical romance tale.

Featuring the voices of Donnacha O’Dea and Aisling O’Mara, Chapel of Ease follows Fred, a hopeless romantic who meets his Tinder date, Alice, in a rather peculiar spot. As they converse throughout the night, Fred discovers something is not quite right…

There’s nothing like a romantic horror to keep you entertained this Valentine’s Day. Afterwards, we hear from Peter Dunne, the master of horror himself. He answers a series of questions about Chapel of Ease and the horror of first dates.

What am Politics?

Episode 37 – What am Love? (w/ Erin McGathy)

What am Politics? follows Richie, a man who struggles to understand politics and has enlisted the help of his politically savvy drinking buddy, Steve, to help him figure out the inner workings of the government and how politics affects our day to day lives. While politics doesn’t sound like this most romantic of topics to discuss on Valentine’s Day, the duo have attempted to ask the question “what am love?” Have they come up with an answer?

Richie and Steve try to unlock love’s hidden secrets along with podcaster, actor and comedian Erin McGathy. Together, they explore works of iconic romance tales from books to movies. They look at the ways in which the government have interfered in love, and their right to do so. 

Is this episode one giant Rick Roll? Only one way to find out!

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