Podcast News Roundup | 2nd July 2019

Every Tuesday at PodStuff we round up the latest podcasting news from Ireland and around the world.

Cork Podcast Festival

Great news for Irish podcast fans. A brand new podcast festival in Cork has just been announced, running over the weekend of October 11th-13th later this year. It’s the first such festival in Cork, following on from the success of the Dublin Podcast Festival in recent years, and many other similar events in the UK and across the world. The festival is being run by Ed O’Leary and Joe Kelly of The Good Room, the duo behind the IMRO Award Winning Live At St. Luke’s concert series, in conjunction with Cork Opera House. There will be events across the city with the full lineup to be announced later this month


Should I Pay for Podcasts?

Luminary, the paid podcast platform, continues to dominate discussions of whether a paid platform with enough premium content will lure listeners away from the many free platforms where podcasts are available. Free, premium, bundled with other services, monthly fees, once off fees… If it’s all a bit confusing, there’s a very useful roundup of paid platforms here on the Bello Collective here.


We also did our own roundup here at PodStuff

Revisionist History, Season 4

Revisionist History is back! Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast about, well, things that interest Malcolm Gladwell, has returned for a fourth season. It is, as always, brilliantly researched, produced, and delivered. The opening two episodes are a two-part exploration of how and why the future career of every American lawyer is decided by an arbitrarily short, multiple-choice exam. It’s about hares and tortoises, those who excel under pressure versus those who take the time to think deeply about things.



Quote of the Week

“If you have 100,000 listeners, and you cut out a minute of uselessness from your podcast, you are saving 100,000 useless minutes in the world. And that is a heroic act”

– Roman Mars, on the importance of editing

Roman Mars, of 99% Invisible, gives some advice to podcasters on this short video for Lifehacker. He stresses the crucial importance of editing. I couldn’t agree more!