The HeadStuff Podcast Network Launches a Fascinating Range of New Shows for 2020

True crime, millennial life, food, fiction, comedy, life coaching, cinema, and more

The HeadStuff Podcast Network, Ireland’s largest collective of independent podcasts, is excited to announce the launch of a slate of new podcasts for 2020. Whatever your taste, there’s something for you: insightful celebrity interviews to the secrets of the bestselling novel, documentary storytelling to true crime comedy, millennial life to mid-life crises, food, cinema, politics, and more.

First up is Behind the Bestseller, exploring all the elements that go into making a book a success. Bestselling author Sam Blake talks to authors, editors, publicists and agents to discover exactly what that magic ingredient is.

Between You and Me – co-hosted by journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale, and writer and The MidLife Coach Alana Kirk – is the podcast for fabulous (but maybe slightly frazzled!) women who want to take charge of their lives. Because let’s face it, we’d all love to press pause and get our lives together!

Overinformed is a narrative documentary series from Sebastian Stephenson that explores and investigates the factors that define the lives of the Millennial generation. Each episode draws on multiple guests to examine one obsession that has driven this generation and our times.


In Fail Harder actress Emma Jane Purcell chats to people at the top of their game about failure, from their first memory of failure, to how they cope with it now. Guests include Panti Bliss, Paul Mescal, Tara Stewart and Pat Divilly.

Comedian Julie Jay, co-host of the hit podcast Up To 90, launches her brand new show, Crimeland, in which Julie chats true crime with her favourite funny people.

Joe Rooney is another comedian adding a brand new podcast to the mix. Alongside his interview show, Podarooney, Joe is launching The 24 Hour News Hour, an improv news podcast with some of Ireland’s top comedians.

In food podcast Spice Bags, expats Mei Chin, Julia Langbein, and Blanca Valencia discuss Irish food culture from an international perspective, with the belief that sometimes the clearest way to appreciate yourself is through a foreigner’s eyes.

The shows above are launching throughout January, and are joined by three recent additions to the network, launched late last year.

I Know That Face is the only movie podcast devoted to character actors; each episode delves into the career of one of those people where you know the face but not the name. From Bob Hoskins to Mia Goth to Viola Davis, hosts Andrew Carroll and Stephen Porzio shine a spotlight on supporting players unsung by the masses but loved by cinephiles.

Murder One – the second HPN venture from the prolific Sam Blake – is the podcast of Ireland’s international crime writing festival. Blake presents some of the world’s biggest authors talking crime, crime fiction, and true crime. Listen to literary greats from John Banville to Martina Cole, alongside everything from classic crime fiction to forensic pathology.

In The State of 2020, the Land of Saints and Scholars is casting its eye over the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free! Yes, this is another podcast that will cover the ins and outs of American politics as they race towards the elections of 2020. What makes this one different? The hosts are Irish! Well, most of the time.