How to Promote your Podcast Online

How to promote your podcast

So you’ve either started or are about to start a podcast but you are struggling with figuring out how to promote your podcast. 

Well, fear not! Here at HeadStuff, we have quite a lot of experience with promoting all the podcasts part of The HeadStuff Podcast Network and we are happy to share some tips and tricks with all of you. Here are some of our top ways to promote your podcast online.

Release at least 3 episodes on launch

If you are just about to release your podcast into the world for the first time, a smart strategy would be to launch with three episodes up and under your belt. The reasoning behind this is that it is easier to convince newcomers to listen to a show if they have a couple of episodes to get through. People tend to trust a show more and consider it to be more professional if there are two or more episodes up at launch.

Typically people need more than one episode to get hooked on a show and so, giving them a couple of episodes from the get-go allows fans to get invested in your podcast from the start. After launch, make sure to keep up a regular posting schedule. This lets your audience know when to always expect to find your show waiting for them on a certain day and entices them to make you a meaningful part of their routines.


Submit your podcast to a variety of apps and directories

When people think of podcasts they often think of Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and while these platforms are important as they are the most popular, it is also important to get your podcast up on as many podcast platforms as possible. These smaller platforms may not get as many listens but they do offer your show a way to reach a wider audience more organically. It’s all about exposure, the more places your podcast appears, the more potential listeners it reaches.

Create a website for your podcast

A podcast website is important as it is an SEO-friendly platform that you have complete control over. SEO (which means search engine optimization) relates to where your website or podcast appears on an internet search when someone looks it up. Creating a website for your show can drastically improve the ability of your podcast to grow organically due to people searching for it online.

But if you put the effort into creating a decent website for your show it is important to also put the same dedication into creating new posts and content for it each time you upload a new episode. Each new post should have an embedded player, transcriptions, and show notes to make the biggest impact.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is your best friend in terms of free exposure, a lot of podcasts live and die by their social accounts. If people like your show, they are going to want to learn more about it and you, so a prominent social media presence is key. Making targeted posts for each episode can help with your show’s exposure.

Taking key quotes and making images to circulate online, using audio or video clips of the best segments of the show, and using guests to help promote your show are all good ways to engage your audience. Make sure to post a few times on each episode you upload and even start hyping up the release of a new episode a day or two before they air to drum up excitement and make each episode an event for your audience.

If you have the money pay for advertising

When starting a podcast, you can invest as much or as little money into it as you choose. If you have a bit of a budget to put behind your podcast, then a paid advertising spot on a podcast app like Podcast Addict, Overcast, or Pocket Cast might be worth your while. Paid spots on podcast apps are some of the most effective advertising you can do as these are people who are already sold on podcasts and want to find new shows to listen to.

These paid slots can range from your show being featured on home pages to appearing in high spots on the charts, both for general and topic-led charts. These spots range in price and can run for anywhere between a week and a month and are a proven and effective way to up your podcast’s exposure if you have the cash to splash.

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