Reeling It In: Irish Podcasts of 2021

Here at HeadStuff, we love supporting home grown Irish podcasts. Throughout the year, we highlighted a variety of different shows on our site. In case you missed them, here is a compilation of some of the Irish podcasts we featured. You can check out our full thoughts on each of the shows listed as part of our weekly Podcast News Roundups.

Keep an eye out in the new year for more podcast recommendations!


Brought to you by self-described “below-average international athlete Chris O’Reilly and above-average international nonathlete Ruth Fitzpatrick”, Olympipod  is a love letter to all things weird and wonderful in the world’s greatest sporting competition.

Reel Detectives 

Reel Detectives is the perfect film review podcast for you, particularly if you grew up in the 90’s or early 00’s. Listening to hosts Adam Howe and Gillian Roberts feels like sitting back and having a laugh with your best friends, reminiscing over old movies you used to love when you were still going to school. 


The Witness: In His Own Words 

The Witness: In His Own Words gives an unprecedented and candid look at the inner workings of how organised crime functions in Dublin. Joseph O’Callaghan started off working on a milk delivery van to earn some pocket money as a young boy. But through manipulation and fear it quickly escalated to drugs, robberies, and partying with the criminal elite.

Get Around To It 

Get Around To It is an arts and culture podcast hosted by Aoife Barry and Lauren Murphy. While most arts and culture podcasts focus on reviewing and recommending the latest and greatest TV and film has to offer, Get Around To It offers a slightly different and more realistic take on the media recommendation podcast. They look at all the major moments pop culture has to offer that may not be new, but are something you’ve always wanted to get around to watching.

The Irish Mythology Podcast

The Irish Mythology Podcast does exactly what it says on the tin. It is an immersive storytelling podcast that brilliantly explores the depths of Irish mythology. Hosts Marcas and Stephie split the show into two unique but equally enjoyable segments. The first half of the show is a beautifully acted and sound-designed retelling of each myth, and then the second half is a deep dive that dissects each myth taking a look at its origins, history, and the modern contexts that affect how we explore these myths today.

Romancing the Dungeon 

Like any Dungeons & Dragons gameplay podcast, Romancing the Dungeon follows a group of heroes on a dangerous and life altering quest. But this party of adventurers set out on a different kind of quest than we are used to – these characters are in the search for love.

The Irish Pubcast 

The Irish Pubcast follows hosts Wayne Talbot, Darren Fahey and Kim Brosnan in a different pub around Dublin City to chat about anything and everything geek. Brought to you by Rogue Comics, an independent publishing company for indie comics in Ireland, the Pubcasters talk about whatever is big in pop culture and nerdy news. They even have their own D&D campaign, starting in 2019.

Una and Andrea’s United Ireland

Una and Andrea host Una and Andrea’s United Ireland, looking at issues around the counties of Ireland. Together, they discuss the impact of various decisions across the country and how this effects each county in different ways. The hosts focus on the important changes as they develop and give a deep dive into what the pandemic means for the country, rather than offer another gloomy take on restrictions.

The Best Bits Podcast 

The Best Bits Podcast is a weekly movie (or fillum) podcast hosted by Irish screenwriters Will Collins & Kevin Lehane wherein they pick their favourite film scenes from randomly selected, weirdly specific themes.

The Demon Drink

The Demon Drink is a new podcast from Lucy Cogan and Alice Mauger. It’s a show exploring Ireland’s, shall we say, “complicated” relationship with alcohol, and it draws on the co-hosts’ backgrounds in literature and the history of medicine to take us through several hundred years of drinking in Irish culture.

Monster Fuzz 

Monster Fuzz podcast is an Irish comedic podcast covering all sorts of stories pertaining to monsters, creatures and everything in between, hosted by Rob and Eamonn. You’ll never be bored listening to Monster Fuzz thanks to the good banter between the two hosts. They share the same sense of humour, while asking some of the biggest questions like is Keanu Reeves immortal and what’s the story with the 1950’s Goatman legend? Discussing stories from the paranormal, to cryptozoology, to myths and folklore. It is a tried and tested podcast type and Rob and Eamonn make a worthwhile contribution to the genre. 

The Substantial Meal

The Substantial Meal podcast is a great comedy podcast to listen to when you need a bit of a pick me up. Thanks to the hilarious banter between the three hosts, Justine Stafford, Martine Angolo and Dermot Ward, you can’t help but enjoy their ridiculous sense of humour and infectious laughter. 


Petrified from our friends over at The Warren is coming back for Season 2 & 3 in 2022. So, if you haven’t yet listened to the horror anthology podcast’s first season there’s no time like the present. The writing from Peter Dunne is superb; the humour sets up the spine-tingling chills brilliantly and his scripts are excellently brought to life by the talented cast. The production from Dunne and Liam Geraghty brings the whole thing together.

I’m Grand Mam 

After surviving October – otherwise known as spooky season, I was hunting for something light-hearted to boost my spirits (pun intended). That’s how I stumbled upon I’m Grand Mam – and what a perfect podcast to find! I couldn’t stop laughing from the moment I hit play on their pilot episode, first released back in 2019. Each week, Cork natives, Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby come together for a cuppa, to discuss how they’ve navigated their new lives through London while battling with the one thought every Irish gay man deals with when living away from home – “what would mam think?”

Bitesize Irish Podcast

The Bitesize Irish Podcast is a free show for anyone interested in learning about the Irish language, with new episodes being released every couple of weeks. The podcast  provides a number of additional materials, supports and courses for those interested in learning Irish. Bitesize Irish doesn’t just focus on the language, but also Irish culture, the learning process, how to use their supports, as well as providing words of encouragement from the Irish language learning community.

The Making of a Detective

The Making of a Detective is a brand new true crime podcast from the Irish Sun which follows a series of murders solved by Irish Detective Pat Marry across 3 decades. The series is hosted by Ian Doyle. The podcast tells the story of five of Ireland’s most notorious murder cases told through the lens of the man who once solved them, and how these cases shaped him into the detective he is today.

The Big Reviewski

This is one for all movie buffs and film fans out there. The Big Reviewski from JOE is an Irish review podcast, looking at all things silver screen, TV and streaming. Featuring big name interviews and offering up to date reviews on the most recent releases, The Big Reviewski keeps on top of all new media, uploading several times a week to offer news and previews to their audience.

Women at the Bar

The Bar Council of Ireland, which represents barristers in Ireland, has recently been marking the occasion of 100 years of women at the Bar. Women at the Bar, hosted by barrister Sarah Reid, offers a fascinating insight into the lives of three very high-profile judges as they chat about their legal careers in a profession that has traditionally been heavily male-dominated.

We hope you enjoy diving into any of these podcasts, and wish you a safe and happy new year!

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