Where Should I Start? | JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast

The problem with some of the best podcasts out there is that they have dozens, often hundreds, of episodes. Where do you start? Will the latest episode make any sense if you’ve never listened before? Do you really need to start at the beginning? What are the best episodes?

Where Should I Start?  is a new series of articles in which a seasoned listener of a show helps you cut through the dauntingly long list of episodes and get started with a great podcast.


Where Should I Start JaackMaate’s Happy Hour?

It’s 2019. How many times have you heard a couple of mates are recording a podcast and it’s an hour of them thinking they’re hilarious when they’re not? Too many times, my friend.

I’m delighted to say that we’ve found what can be officially declared the exception. JaackMaate’s Happy Hour is a series where the banter is actually funny.


Just a warning before you get too excited about this series – it’s full of explicit language and touches on sensitive topics from sex to suicide. It’s best to give this a miss should any of that be an issue for you.

If you’ve got your wits about you, you may have been able to guess that JaackMaate’s Happy Hour tends to be roughly an hour long. Hosted by YouTuber Jack Dean, he’s not your typical ‘my life is perfect’ online personality. Each episode, he’s joined by a couple of his friends for honest and open chats. They’re all likeable lads who you end up wanting to go and get a drink with.

There are over fifty episodes available in both video and audio form. A lot of the earlier shows focus on YouTube and scandals with the more recent episodes broadening into other areas.

Best Episodes

“Would I Lie To You?” (Eps. 42 & 43, July 2019)

Based on the TV show Would I Lie To You?, this two-part episode is a great place to start. It follows a tried and tested concept where one person tells a story and the others have to guess whether it’s the truth or a lie. The episode can be wild at times and it’s perfect for seeing if Jack’s type of comedy is right for you.

“The 3 Worst Modern Day Serial Killers” (Ep. 51, Sep 2019)

All this time I’ve been selling this as a hilarious podcast but let’s be real – serial killers don’t draw a big laugh. Even if it isn’t the funniest episode of the bunch, it’s fascinating. Jack focuses in on three different serial killers, looking at the events that led to the murders, the killers motivations and assessing conspiracy theories.

“That ‘Sex’ Episode (First Kiss, Losing Virginity, Weirdest Place…)” (Ep 44, July 2019)

Nothing is held back as Jack and his mates talk about their sexual experiences with equal amounts of hilarity and honesty There’s nothing particularly graphic but it’s the funniest episode of any podcast I’m aware of. Genuinely, I found myself doubling over in laughter, bang in the centre of Jervis. Scarlet for me.


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