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Podcast News Roundup | Kevin Bacon, Netflix, Podcaster Tips

Every week here at PodStuff we bring you the latest news from the world of podcasting. This week it’s another ‘Netflix of Podcasts’, Kevin Bacon’s new show, and a great resource for podcasters.


The ‘Netflix of Podcasts’ (again)

So many companies in the last few years have lined up to become the so-called ‘Netflix of Podcasts’, with varying degrees of success and certainly no single stand-out. Next up is Podimo, a Danish company that recently raised €6m in seed funding. Tech Crunch covers the story here. We also talked about paid podcast platforms on last week’s news roundup.

And speaking of Netflix…

Podcast News - Kevin Bacon Podcast, Podimo, and more
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Watching With… Podcasts

Netflix has released a new podcast series, Watching With. It’s a podcast of director’s commentaries, and the idea is you, well, watch with the show.


The fact that it’s in podcast form, and not on Netflix itself, means you could theoretically just listen to the director’s commentary without watching along, although I’m not sure how enticing that’s going to be (maybe a bit like doing an audio tour of an art gallery without actually being in the gallery?). There are lots of opportunities here, though, to branch out into other podcast content complementing Netflix’s shows. One to watch.

The Verge has more here.


I’m Gonna Be Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is to star in an upcoming comedy audio drama on Spotify called I’m Gonna Be Kevin Bacon. According to The Hollywood Reporter “The 12-episode fictional podcast will tell the story of Randy Beslow, a washed-up actor who lost the role of Footloose and has spent the last 30-plus years blaming Bacon for the way his life turned out. After he hits rock bottom, he snaps and embarks on a mission to hunt down Bacon and exact his revenge” Sound great!


How’s Your Mic Technique?

Buzz Sprout has published a very comprehensive guide to mic techniques for any podcasters looking to improve the sound of their show. It goes into detail on everything from mic positioning and angles, to levels on your equipment and your own voice, to the acoustics of where you’re recording. Well worth a read for any podcasters out there.


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