Podcast News Roundup | Culture Night at The Podcast Studios & More!

Welcome back to HeadStuff’s Podcast News Roundup, your go-to place for podcast news and recommendations. There’s a lot happening in Ireland’s podcasting scene this September! This week’s roundup takes a look at Culture Night at The Podcast Studios, Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In’s new comedy show at the Dublin Fringe Festival and the upcoming Irish Podcast Awards.

Culture Night at The Podcast Studios 

Culture Night is almost upon us, and for one night only, The Podcast Studios opens its doors to everyone interested in podcasts or podcast creation. Whether you’re a podcast fan, or have always wanted a behind the scenes look, you can catch a glimpse of how it all works at The Podcast Studios on Friday, 23rd September. 

Work with a producer to make your own 5-minute podcast in their state-of-the art studios in Dublin City Centre, which will be edited that evening by a professional audio editor. There will be tours of the studios, an exhibition on the independent Irish podcasting scene in their café, and a chance to chat with Dublin podcast creators too. 

The event is sold out but be sure to keep an ear out for all of the podcasts made on the night!


For a full look of all the fantastic events taking place all across the country this Culture Night, take a look at the line-up at culturenight.ie.

Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In take new comedy show, Klankety Klank, to Dublin Fringe Festival

Two podcasts, Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In, are teaming up to bring their new comedy show, Klankety Klank to this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. The show will run next week for four days, September 13, 14, 15 and 18 at Smock Alley Theatre. 

In this parody of the beloved game show Blankety Blank, top Irish comedians and drag performers will impersonate local stars and global celebrities. The show features Alison Spittle, Kevin McGahern, Edwin Sammon, and drag performers such as Miss Taken, Lavender and Goblins Goblins Goblins, as well as comedian Hannah Mamalis, US comedian Erin McGathy and Belfast-born drag performer Rosa Tralee.

“When we first came up with the idea, we were all still on lockdown so we tried it out over Zoom and it worked out so well. It helped that we had such a great cast, and many of them are returning for the Dublin Fringe show. Comedians like Alison Spittle, Erin McGathy, Stephen Bradley and Ronan Carey. We even have drag performers from other Dublin Fringe shows getting involved. Enda Danite and Goblins Goblins Goblins and Xnthony are all appearing in their owns shows.” James O’Hagen (co-host of Sissy That Pod) said. 

“And we’re really excited to have more drag performers involved this time around – the likes of Miss Taken, Lavender and Rosa Tralee,” added Cian Sullivan (co-host of Sissy That Pod). 

“And this time around we’ve roped in more of the regular guests from Phoning It In, like Kevin McGahern, Hannah Mamalis, Pearl O’Rourke and Ed Sammon,” said Phoning It In host, Dave Coffey. 

Klankety Klank combines RuPaul’s Drag Race’s The Snatch Game and Blankety Blank, meaning audiences can expect to see the likes of Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise rubbing shoulders with Bosco and Mary Robinson in this unique comedy quiz spectacular. The twist is that every night features different cast members, celebrity characters and questions… so anything can happen. 

Tickets to Klankety Klank are available here

Both Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In are available on the HeadStuff Podcast Network, which is sponsoring Klankety Klank at Dublin Fringe Festival. You can check out both podcasts at headstuffpodcasts.com, or wherever you normally get your podcasts.

Irish Podcast Awards 

Nominees for the first Irish Podcast Awards were announced earlier this year after being reviewed by over sixty independent judges across a variety of different categories including Rising Star, Moment of the Year, Best Comedy Podcast and Best Fiction Podcast, to name a few. All categories and their nominees are available to view here

These main category winners will be announced at the Irish Podcast Awards ceremony on Friday 16th September at Liberty Hall, Dublin with doors opening at 6pm. 

The Listener’s Choice Award allows all podcast fans to vote for their favourite podcasts and creators. There are still a few days left to cast your vote, with voting closing at 23:59 on Sunday 11th September. Voting is free and fans can vote for any Irish podcast. 

Tickets for the Irish Podcast Awards are on sale now, and are available to purchase on the Irish Podcast Awards website

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