Podcast News Roundup | Netflix Launches New Podcast Celebrating The LGBTQ+ Community & More!

Welcome back to the HeadStuff Podcast News Round-Up were we take a look at what’s happening in the world of podcasting and give you a recommendation or two along the way. This week we look at the launch of Netflix’ new podcast; The Gay Agenda, Quentin Tarantino’s podcast and the demand for YouTubers and influencers to start creating podcasts. We also review the Naïvely Optimistic Podcast as our podcast of the week!

Naïvely Optimistic Podcast

The Naïvely Optimistic Podcast is hosted by Gary O’Neill and offers a comedic deep dive into all things weird, wild and wonderful. Joining Gary are co-hosts Steven, Ian, Aoife and Warren who discuss a range of topics from conspiracies to true crime, from history to the whacky and paranormal. Together they orchestrate a wonderfully broad podcast while incorporating high levels of Irish craic you would come to expect.

Recent topics covered by the self-proclaimed “Lads™?“ include an investigation into the origins of Little Red Riding Hood, Samhain and Irish Halloween traditions, The Salem Witch Trials, The Barbie & Ken Killers and the darker side of Disney.

Naïvely Optimistic Podcast is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of a pick-me-up or want to learn a little something new about the crazy world around us.


Netflix launches a new podcast which aims to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community

The Gay Agenda is a brand new podcast produced by Netflix which aims to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by looking at the lives of LGBTQ+ creatives across a variety of industries. According to NBC News, the goal of the podcast is to celebrate and champion success stories “through a loving and humorous lens.” 

You can view the YouTube trailer for the podcast here:

Lesbian actress, singer/songwriter and podcaster Jasmin Savoy co-hosts the podcast alongside non-binary actor, comic and playwright Liv Hewson. 

The podcast, produced by Most, launches on January 10th. 

Gabrielle Korn, Netflix editorial and publishing manager for Most said, “With our first foray into the podcast space, Most is entering a new era – one where the gay agenda continues to expand into all corners of our lives, making it easier and more fun than ever to discover Netflix’s LGBTQ+ talent, titles and storytelling. I love this podcast so much; it’s truly a joy to listen to, and I hope it brings that same joy to our followers.” 

Quentin Tarantino to launch his own podcast

Quentin Tarantino is set to launch his own podcast. According to the Verge, it is likely the podcast will have Tarantino talk listeners through his media collection. He will chat about his favourite CDs and DVDs and why or how they have impacted him. 

The show is produced by Earwolf, and has just started recording so there is no word on a release date, or even a title for the show. 

Tarantino has directed some of the best known films of recent times, including Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, and are known for their intricate storylines and violence. Thankfully, this podcast sounds like it’s going to be a lot tamer.

Although Tarantino is not the first Hollywood name to start his own podcast, it looks like audio fans are starting to look to others for new content…

Podcast fans seek content from YouTubers and Influencers

A recent study carried out by Acast and Nielson conducted in the US revealed that almost 39 percent of participants wanted to see more podcasts from YouTubers and influencers in the future, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Demand for shows by hosts in these categories outranked the demand for other celebrities from the music and television industry (at 28% and 27%), while a further 28% sought content from health experts. 

The transition for YouTubers and influencers to the podcasting world makes sense, as many in these industries already engage in vlog and conversational-style formats across YouTube and Instagram, which would work well in the podcast medium. Several YouTubers and influencers have already featured on or host their own podcasts. 

Influencers possess a pre-existing fanbase ready to consume more of their content and podcasts would allow them to broaden their reach, while gaining access to an additional revenue stream. Many already have a lot of the equipment or resources necessary to begin a podcast series, so this seems like a reasonable step for many YouTubers and influencers in the future. 

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