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Welcome back to HeadStuff’s Podcast News Roundup, your go-to place for podcast news and recommendations. This week’s roundup features HeadStuff’s Podcast Of The Week and also looks at Your Hometown, Gen-Z podcast listeners, and Today FM’s School of Listening and Podcasting.

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Podcast of the Week

Monster Fuzz podcast is an Irish comedic podcast covering all sorts of stories pertaining to monsters, creatures and everything in between, hosted by Rob and Eamonn. You’ll never be bored listening to Monster Fuzz thanks to the good banter between the two hosts. They share the same sense of humour, while asking some of the biggest questions like is Keanu Reeves immortal and what’s the story with the 1950’s Goatman legend? Discussing stories from the paranormal, to cryptozoology, to myths and folklore. It is a tried and tested podcast type and Rob and Eamonn make a worthwhile contribution to the genre. 

Monster Fuzz releases episodes twice-weekly, and have curated a long backlog of episodes to listen to, with plenty of topics covered to keep you interested. They give their own take on well known myths, while sharing a series of stories about monsters and creatures which I have never heard of before. So not only will you have a good time listening to this podcast, but you might learn a little something too!


Covering plenty of spooky stories or creepy legends of old, it is the perfect podcast to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Your Hometown Examines Growing Up in New York City

You want to understand a person? Ask them where they grew up. You want to understand a place? Find out what it’s like to be a kid there. That’s the premise of Your Hometown, a show where the local is the epic, with prominent and everyday guests searching for meaning in their memories of growing up, and how that unique intersection of place and time shaped them forever. The first season is all about New York City, and is co-presented by the Museum of the City of New York. 

The show returned on October 7th with Sonia Manzano talking about growing up in the South Bronx and how it led her to Sesame Street (she played “Maria” for more than 40 years) and Alma’s Way (her new PBS Kids show based on her childhood). Future biweekly episodes will feature such iconic New Yorkers as rock legend David Johansen (from Staten Island), public defender and politician Tiffany Caban (Queens), visual artist Glenn Ligon (Bronx), and more. Most people think of New York as a place people move to in order to realize their dreams. But it’s also a place where kids grow up—where they first learn to dream.

In such a polarized time, it’s important to remember that everyone’s from someplace, and everywhere is somewhere; and when we listen to each other’s coming of age stories, we begin to see people we think we know in new, often surprising ways. 

Your Hometown is hosted by award-winning historian, journalist, and documentary film producer Kevin Burke. You can catch up on previous episodes, featuring Suzanne Vega, Al Sharpton, Lynn Nottage, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Sherrilyn Ifill, Sigourney Weaver, and more, at YourHometown.org

Gen-Z Podcast Listeners Prefer Spotify 

32% of Gen-Z (13-23yr olds) classified themselves as regular podcast listeners, coming in behind Millennials at 43%. But how they listen to podcasts is very different. 

According to a survey from Morning Consult, just over half (52%) of Gen-Zers use Spotify to listen to their chosen podcasts compared to 35% of their older podcast-obsessed counterparts. For Millennials and Gen-X listeners Apple Podcasts is still the most popular platform to tune in to their favourite shows. 

In an independent study for Transistor.fm the three most popular podcast apps for Gen-Z were found to be: Spotify: 47%, Apple Podcasts: 16%, and YouTube: 10%. Despite their small survey set, it shares striking similarities to the results that the Morning Consult found.

As podcasting becomes more and more popular with the Gen-Zers, the dominance of Spotify in the industry will only grow. We had a look at the differing thoughts of their Exclusive Podcasts on the Round-Up before and the conversations seem to be far from over.

Last Chance To Sign Up For The Today FM School of Radio And Podcasting

The next Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting course will begin in November 2021.

You’ll learn how to produce, present, edit, and promote your own shows and podcasts from award-winning radio and podcast professionals including Fergal Darcy, John Duggan, Alison Healy, Gavan Reilly, Patrick Haughey and many more.

Designed and coordinated by Patrick Haughey, award-winning radio producer and founder of Ireland’s leading branded podcast agency AudioBrand, this course is for people who want to learn all about radio and podcasting from the experts, but who don’t have the time to dedicate to a full-time programme.

The Today FM School of Radio & Podcasting, in association with Independent Colleges Dublin, is a dynamic and highly practical training unit, designed to equip aspiring content professionals with everything they need to know about creating world class content. Whether you want to work in traditional media, digital media, or create cut-through content for your own company or personal brand, this course has you covered.

For further information about the course, fees and syllabus please visit the course page on IndependentColleges.ie or alternatively email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 01-8773900

If you are looking for a more bespoke training course or one-on-one training, get in touch with The Podcast Studios at [email protected] 

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