8 Podcast Newsletters To Make Sure You’re Always Up To Date

1. Best for a quick, curated daily update: PodNews

This is the go-to daily podcast newsletter for a lot of people, from professional podcasters to avid listeners. Creator James Cridland gives a global roundup of podcasting news and events that’s much wider than many other American-focused newsletters.

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2. Best for thoughtful musings and discovering new independent shows: Wil Williams

Wil Williams Reviews is a meticulously detailed, lovingly curated site with detailed podcast reviews, articles, resources for podcasters, and more. The newsletter is a weekly slice of what’s going on at the site alongside recommendations and thoughtful ideas about the world of podcasting.

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3. Best for In-Depth Industry News: Hot Pod

Nick Quah and Caroline Crampton’s newsletter is essential reading for anyone involved in the world of podcasts. It’s usually a fairly long read and features an in-depth look at what’s happening in the industry, with a focus on the U.S. and (with the more recent addition of Crampton) British podcasting scenes.

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4. Best for a Little Bit of Everything: The Bello Collective

The Bello Collective is an online publication and newsletter about audio storytelling and the podcast industry. The weekly newsletter features an amazingly diverse variety of recommendations as well as news, updates, and links to articles on the Bello website. This one’s for podcast makers and podcast fans, new and old.

(Full disclosure: I contribute to this newsletter but I can honestly and objectively recommend it as amazing!)

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5. Best for Audio Drama: Audio Dramatic

There’s a huge world of captivating audio drama out there, frequently overlooked by mainstream publications. Ely Fernandez Collins’ newsletter is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the area, from avid audio drama addicts to curious new listeners.

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6. Best for Some Limited Choice in a World of Limitless Options: Podcast Gumbo

With over 400 podcasts launched every day Paul Kondo’s Podcast Gumbo is refreshingly limited. He recommends just three podcast episodes every Wednesday. Couldn’t be simpler.

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7. Best Roundup for Podcast Creators and Fans: Inside Podcasting

This newsletter, written by Skye Pillsbury, is part of the larger “Inside” newsletter group. It’s a daily newsletter yet still always manages to contain a great selection of links to articles, news pieces, twitter threads, and anywhere else the podcast world is being discussed and debated.

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8. Best To Find Out Who Said What Where: This Week in Podcasts

Michael Yessis’ weekly newsletter is different from so many of the other podcast newsletters out there. The tagline is “making podcasts skimmable” and the newsletter allows you to dive directly into the episodes you might want to listen to, with choice extracts to get you interested. There’s also a rundown of where well-known figures have appeared as guests, and always plenty of recommendations.

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