Podcast Review | Drama Queens – Returning to One Tree Hill

There’s a new podcast out there for those of us who wish to revisit the inimitable town of Tree Hill: the Drama Queens podcast. For the uninitiated, One Tree Hill was an American teen drama that ran for 9 seasons from 2003-2012 and followed the trials and tribulations on and off the basketball court of two half brothers in a small town in North Carolina.

The Scott brothers may have been the stars on the court and on the screen, but the real heart of the show came from the other people in their lives and some of them have gotten back together to watch the show with each other and with the fans. Namely the three female leads – those of you who have seen the show will remember them as Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton), Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz) and last but not least Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush). It’s been 12 years since these three were last on our screens together (Burton left the show in season 6), but evidently they haven’t lost contact since.

Drama Queens is going to be a great experience for those pre-existing fans of the show – not to exclude new people coming in who will also enjoy it, but if you’re already familiar with the cast of the show and some of the drama that went down off-screen, then the behind the scenes stories and references will provide endless entertainment. So far, they’ve discussed what they remember happening around this time with less detailed breakdowns of the events of the episodes themselves as we have seen in many fan-run rewatch podcasts, but there’s plenty of that out there and it’s nice to have something new. The three hosts are engaging, smart, funny and most importantly having a good time.

The three women reminisce fondly about their co-stars and the experience of being twenty-somethings let loose on a sleepy small town far removed from the modern bustle of LA or New York, trying to find their feet in a demanding industry. It’s like listening to a group at a high school reunion flicking through an old photo album, there’s endless anecdotes and tangents and you’re sure to feel like you’re sitting down with some old friends reliving your heyday with a glass of wine – or in the Drama Queens case, a bottle of Dom Perignon.


For the hosts, it’s the first time they’ve watched the show through and almost ten years on they find themselves getting reeled in the way fans did. The emotional impact these characters had on the wider public reverberated through their careers and is finally being presented to them in its purest form. And no fear for those of you who would like to see the return of more of the cast as there’s been plenty of discussion of having on future guest stars who worked on the show starting with Mouth McFadden himself; Lee Norris.

Drama Queens and can be found on the iHeartRadio network. It kicked off on the 21st of June 2021 and they’re watching an episode a week so you can start watching along right now. If you like what you hear, they have a very active Instagram account (@dramaqueensoth) with throwback photoshoots and video clips from the episodes that have already aired. I for one can’t wait to hear more about what the cast got up to in Wilmington while we also keep track of what went on in Tree Hill.

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