Podcast Review | I Am All In – A Trip Down Memory Lane

I Am All In is a Gilmore Girls rewatch podcast with a twist. Host Scott Patterson (who played the beloved grumpy diner owner Luke) has never watched the show despite appearing in all 154 episodes!

The initial appeal of the podcast is clear, as opposed to random people watching a well loved show, it’s the actor of a fan favourite character revisiting the series that made his career. In the first episode, Patterson admits he has not watched the show since the pilot premiered, so fans listening along can not only rewatch a show they love, they can hear him react to and remember each episode in real time.

The format of I Am All In goes beyond a typical rewatch show as it is divided into two parts. Each episode begins with an interview with a key figure who worked on the show, some of these are fan favourite actors, and others are members of the production who were key to giving Gilmore Girls its signature style, like dialect coaches or costume designers. 

The interview section is a treat for any Gimore Girls fan as it provides them a deep dive into each guest’s personal experience on the show. Giving their takes on plotlines, characters and how they felt about it all. Guests who have already made appearances include Sean Gunn (who played Kirk), Keiko Agena (who played Lane) and Yanic Truesdale (who played Michelle), with many more big names scheduled to come. 


The audio for some of these guests is not as clear as it could be due to pandemic restrictions and the use of remote recording, but where the sound quality lacks, the content more than makes up for. As an interviewer Scott Patterson is very personable, his connection to the guests and the subject matter makes for a compelling interview. By speaking on his own personal experience he sets the guests up well to feel comfortable enough to share a lot of their own interesting behind the scenes information, stories and personal insights from the show. 

Each interview also ends with possibly the most important question any fan of Gilmore Girls can be asked: “are you team Dean, team Jess, or team Logan?” Referring to which of Rory’s countless boyfriends is your personal favourite (Scott and I both share a team Jess bias), which is a fun little addition to the format of the show.

The second half of I Am All In fits more with your standard rewatch podcast format, though thankfully skips the typical in-depth recap of each episode. Instead the show decides to devote that time to asking Scott his thoughts on each episode and what he can remember from filming. Hearing an actor from the show get passionate about plots he’s only just experiencing for the first time is very fun, and more than anything, Patterson is an incredibly interesting man in his own right outside of starring in a beloved sitcom from the 2000’s. The more Patterson reveals about himself, like how he was an acting teacher before he got cast and RuPaul was a student of his, the more you want to learn.

Overall I Am All In is a unique and fun approach to the rewatch podcast genre. Patterson’s personality is what really makes a difference here and helps to draw in even the most casual of Gilmore Girls fans, like myself, making it well worth a listen. 

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