Podcasts About Podcasting

If you’re new to podcasting, or want to up your game, there are a wealth of resources out there to help you. But while you could read a blog or online article or find a YouTube video, why would you want to do that when you could listen to a podcast about podcasting?!

If you know where to look, there are some great podcasts out there to learn the craft, no matter what your level. The list that follows is not a “best of”, as much as a recommendation of one show in each of several different categories, depending on what you’re looking for, whether that’s advice, inspiration, a challenge, a lesson, or maybe just a new way of thinking about things.

For the beginner/improver podcaster: Podcraft

Podcraft, from the team behind ThePodcastHost.com, is a huge resource on every aspect of podcasting, from ideas and planning, to recording and editing, to marketing and growing your audience. The podcast is a laidback, friendly chat between two podcasting experts, packed full of advice, and with 178 episodes you’ll definitely find something of interest. There are a lot of practical podcast advice shows like this out there but a lot of them can be overly long and drag out the advice. Podcraft episodes tend to come in at a very digestible 20 minutes while still being both comprehensive and a great listen.

For the documentary podcast maker: How Sound

How Sound is billed as “The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling” and it is always a fascinating backstory. Host Rob Rosenthal interviews radio and podcast makers and gives his own thoughts on every aspect of documentary radio making, with plenty of examples to back it all up. Each episode is like sitting in on a world-class audio workshop and Rosenthal, who up until recently taught at the Transom Story Workshop, is an expert at getting to the heart of why pieces of audio do (or don’t) work. The show regularly features work from students on the Transom workshop alongside interviews with the likes of Alix Spiegal, Jonathan Goldstein, Megan Tan, and many others. How Sound is an always-reliable source of great audio. Wear headphones!


For some all-round inspiration: The Masterclass

While How Sound has the feel of a workshop, The Masterclass podcast, hosted by Louisa Lim, features an-depth interview with a master of the field in each episode. After a 3-year break, Season 2 started in August and has featured some great episodes on sound design and structuring and planning podcasts. Every episode features elements you may be able to try in your own podcast making, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some world-class podcasts.

For some new ideas: Podcast Pontifications

Evo Terro’s Podcast Pontifications does exactly what it says on the tin: the host throws out an idea about podcasting and talks through it in a short, snappy episode (under 10 mins each). It might be practical advice (“Showcasing The Best Episodes Of Your Podcast”), a statement to get some ideas flowing (“Podcasts Tend To Get The Audience They Deserve”), or something a little more philosophical (“Embracing The Empowerment Of Podcasting”). In every case, Terra’s show is a great way to garner some quick, practical podcasting tips while thinking in a much broader way about the medium.

For the Audiodrama creator: Radio Drama Revival

Radio Drama Revival is a long-running podcast (founded in 2007 and currently hosted by Elena Fernández Collins) which showcases what’s going on in modern audio fiction. The show takes the format of a two-episode pair: the first introduces the podcast before playing through a full episode, while the second is an in-depth interview with the creator(s) of the show. Not only is Radio Drama Revival a carefully curated list of always diverse and fascinating new podcasts, but there’s plenty for the budding or seasoned audiodrama creator too. The interviews with writers, producers, actors, and so many others involved in the creation of great audiodrama always contain insights and tips that anyone working in the field can learn from.

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