Call For Submissions | PodStuff

Do you want to write about podcasts? Join the PodStuff Team!

PodStuff is a new podcast section at HeadStuff. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things podcasting in Ireland and internationally and we are currently on the lookout for contributors. PodStuff covers the world of podcasting from all angles: reviews, roundups, industry news, advice for podcasters, opinion pieces, and more. If you are podcast creator, an avid listener, or both, and want to write about podcasts then get in touch!

What We Want

We are very open to new ideas but a few of the things we are particularly interested in include:

reviews of a complete series or a show up to the present, especially if it’s returning soon after a break or with a new season

previews of new shows. We want the well-established, big-name podcasts and the smaller, independent shows.


interviews with anyone involved in the podcast world – hosts, producers, editors, voice actors, or anyone else who can provide an insight into podcasting

roundups and ‘best of’ lists that draw shows together in unique and insightful ways. No terrible listicles!

opinion pieces on the world of podcasting, the future of the medium, podcasting in Ireland, and anything else you feel strongly about.

practical advice on audio editing and recording, music, marketing, and all the aspects that go into making a podcast

A New Online Podcast Space

PodStuff is a new online space place to showcase the best in Irish podcasting but is by no means restricted to Ireland. We want to hear about American and British shows, as well as all the great podcasts coming out of everywhere from Canada to Scotland to South Africa to Australia. We also want to explore a diverse range of topics from as diverse a range of creators as possible. So, if you have strong feelings about the dozens of podcasts you listen to every week, let us know!

Send your submissions

There is no strict word count but shorter reviews should be at least 500 words, with multiple-show roundups and more detailed reviews closer to 1000. Longer, opinion pieces might be anything up to 2500 words. Articles should be written for a general audience but must be critical (in the positive sense of the word!) and well-researched. Whether you have one piece or want to be a regular contributor, please get in touch.

Send you ideas to [email protected]