Dublin Podcast Festival Preview |The Allusionist

The Allusionist: coming to the Dublin Podcast Festival this week!

This week, we preview The Allusionist, Helen Zaltzman’s podcast about language, which comes to the Dublin Podcast Festival this Friday, 28th September. The show, part of the Radiotopia network, has proved hugely popular and is currently touring across the world.

Huge language nerd that I am, it took very little convincing to get me to give cleverly named The Allusionist a try when I first heard about it from my mother, shortly after its debut in 2016. As an American living in Ireland, I am faced with the oddities of the English language on a daily basis and hilarious podcast veteran Helen Zaltzman (with the musical flavourings of her husband Martin Austwick) seems to be just as keen as I am to geek out about it.

Many people will know Helen and Martin from their long-running comedic advice show Answer Me This. The Allusionist is quite a bit more family-friendly (with a few notable exceptions, such as an episode dedicated to understanding why the “C-word” packs such a punch) yet it is still absolutely Helen, and utterly filled with her particular brand of intelligence and down-to-Earth charm. After spending the last two years getting to know Helen through my earphones, I find that I desperately want to be her friend. She’s just so nerdily cool!

Well, it turns out I just might have that chance, because The Allusionist is coming to Dublin this Friday, September 28th, as part of Dublin Podcast Festival! Helen will be teaming up with HeadStuff’s own Conor Reid and his podcast Words To That Effect at Liberty Hall, and I will be there with bells on. Why not give both podcasts a listen, then pick up a ticket of your own? You can get them here,