Podcast Roundup | The Body Genius, The Constant, Podcast Listenership

Every week at PodStuff we round up the latest podcast news. This week we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at miniseries The Body Genius, some podcast listenership info, and a new Hub & Spoke show, The Constant.


The Most Popular Time To Listen to Podcasts

When do you normally listen to podcasts? If it’s at 7am, you’re in good company. According to a report from Voxnest, the most popular time to listen to podcasts, in both the US and Europe, is bright and early at 7am. Second place was 5pm (in Europe) or 9pm (in the US). The report has some other interesting stats about podcast listener behaviour, including the fact that people seem to be listening to news shows in the evening, not on the way to work in the morning, as might have been expected.


The Man Who Accidentally Flew Across The Atlantic

Hub & Spoke is a “collective of independent, high-quality, story-driven podcasts” based in Boston. There are some great shows on the network already (including The Lonely Palette, Ministry of Ideas, and Soonish) and their latest addition is The Constant, “a science and history podcast about getting things wrong”.

This week’s episode is about a man who, in 1938, accidentally flew across the Atlantic by mistake, landing in Dublin instead of San Diego. Or at least he claimed it was accidental…


A great listen.


How Long is a Piece of String?

James Cridland of Podnews has added some new stats to an article that’s well worth a read for any potential podcast maker: how long should a podcast be? There are the scientific answers and then there’s the more practical (or maybe philosophical) answer: a podcast should be as long as it needs to be, but no longer (i.e. edit your podcast!)


The Body Genius

This article is an in-depth look at the creation of The Body Genius, a fantastic 5-part miniseries on Radiotopia’s The Truth. If you haven’t listened to the series, stop what you’re doing and go do that first. Then, come back and read the article, talking to The Truth creator, Jonathan Mitchell, and the series writer, Hunter Nelson. Oh, and check out the beautifully made GIFs that accompany it!

Featured Image: The Constant