Putting it in Writing #3 | Undercover: Agents at Work

Picture the scene: you’re alone, the lighting is tasteful, and you are reading. Finding yourself in these circumstances, have you ever looked up and asked yourself “what on earth am I reading?” If this sounds familiar, then Putting it in Writing is the podcast for you. This week, Conor looks at literary agents.

Ep 3. Under Cover: Agents at Work


In this episode, Conor speaks to the agents and distributors. John Manning from Gill and MacMillan takes us inside the distribution centre. Svetlana Pironko and Paul Feldstein break down the process of selling work to publishers. Sarah Davis Goff and Lisa Coen from the Tramp Press, and Ivan O’Brien from the O’Brien Press explain the importance of international rights. Tune into Putting it in Writing for a glimpse inside the working life of an agent.

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Original Artwork by Kieran O’Farrell.

Music by Conor O’Donovan

This episode was produced by Conor O’Donovan and Alan Bennett