Putting it in Writing #4 | When We Talk About Reading

Picture the scene: you’re alone, the lighting is tasteful, and you are reading. Finding yourself in these circumstances, have you ever looked up and asked yourself “what on earth am I reading?” If this sounds familiar, then Putting it in Writing is the podcast for you.

Ep 4. When We Talk About Reading


In this episode, Conor finds out how to spread the word. Peter O’Connell from Peter O’Connell Media and Amy Herron, formerly of the Irish Writer’s Centre, share their experiences on the publicity circuit. Sarah Davis Goff, Lisa Coen and Ivan O’Brien also pitch in on the importance of good publicity to their businesses. Have you ever wondered who gets your favourite authors into the papers? Putting it in Writing has the inside track.

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Original Artwork by Kieran O’Farrell.

Music by Conor O’Donovan

This episode was produced by Conor O’Donovan and Alan Bennett with extra mixing by Brian