Ep. 1 | A Princess For Christmas with Fuchsia MacAree

Welcome to the first episode of Roast Chestnuts, a podcast about made for TV Christmas movies. This week, Jeanne, Alan, and special guest Fuchsia MacAree watch A Princess for Christmas (2011), a heartwarming tale about a woman who brings her orphaned niece and nephew to a fictional European country to spend Christmas with the family they never knew. Will she find love along the way? Yes, of course she will.

A Princess For Christmas was written and directed by Michael Damian and stars Katie McGrath (who is Irish, v important), Sam Heughan AKA Jamie From Outlander, and Sir Roger Moore.

Fuchsia McAree draws things. She’s one of the best at it. See for yourself by following her on Twitter or going to her website

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Original artwork by Dee McDonnell
Theme Music by Daniel McAuley
This episode was produced by Alan Bennett
Fuchsia MacAree pic via Creative Dublin
Katie McGrath pic via My Devotional Thoughts