Ep. 10 | The Perfect Christmas Present (2017) with Ellen Tannam

Journalist and podcaster Ellen Tannam joins Alan and Jeanne for the last episode of this series of Roast Chestnuts. The gang talk about 2017’s The Perfect Christmas Present, the heartwarming tale of a man who can find the perfect present for anyone and a woman who’s just moved across the country to be with a boyfriend that she’s kind of meh about. He finds himself getting too close to his latest client ( the woman we just mentioned) and everything he thought he knew begins to unravel. Will he realise that the real perfect Christmas present is love before it’s too late? Spoiler alert: Yes.

The Perfect Christmas Present was written by Blaine Chiapetta, directed by Blair Hayes, and stars Sam Page, Tara Holt, Emily Peterson, and Sam Guinan-Nyhart.

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Original artwork by Dee McDonnell
Theme Music by Daniel McAuley
This episode was produced by Brian and edited by Alan