Ep. 6 | Recipe For A Perfect Christmas (2005) with Bobby Aherne

No Monster Club’s Bobby Aherne joins Alan and Jeanne to dissect 2005’s Recipe For A Perfect Christmas, the heartwarming tale of a food writer who gets her big break and sets her lonely mother up with a desperate chef in order to stop them both from annoying her. Will she find love along the way? Will there be salsa dancing? Will a man get fired for sleazy behaviour in the first five minutes in a way that we’re only learning to do now in 2017?

Recipe For A Perfect Christmas was written by Rachel Feldman and Susan Nanus, directed by Sheldon Larry, and stars Carly Pope from Popular, Bobby Canavale, and immaculate queen of us all Christine Baranski. It’s also the first Lifetime movie we’ve watched.

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Original artwork by Dee McDonnell
Theme Music by Daniel McAuley
This episode was produced by Brian and edited by Alan