Ep. 9 | Undercover Christmas (2003) with Patrick Freyne

Happy St. Stephen’s Day! Patrick Freyne of the Irish Times joins Alan and Jeanne to talk about 2003’s Undercover Christmas, the heartwarming tale of a cocktail waitress who agrees to give evidence against her fraudster boyfriend and ends up being taken to an FBI agent’s parents’ house for Christmas to hide out. The waitress and the FBI agent have to convince his parents that they’re a couple. Will the fake couple become a real couple? Who knows. Fun fact: this is the film that inspired this whole podcast.

Undercover Christmas was written by Darrah Cloud, directed by Nadia Tass, and stars Jami Gertz, Shawn Christian, and Tyne Daly from Cagney And Lacey!

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Patrick Freyne pic via The Irish Times
Original artwork by Dee McDonnell
Theme Music by Daniel McAuley
This episode was produced by Brian and edited by Alan