#12 | A New Year’s Mental Health Message

On a New Year’s day Sparking Change Dil talks about how we need to view mental health as being much more than just an illness but a natural part of the human experience.

Let’s be honest, being a young person these days can be hard especially when you are up against the negative stereotypes that exist around “the youth of today”! Start the year on a hopeful and youthful note by meeting two of Irelands most inspirational young people who were recently honoured by Gaisce, The Presidents Awards.

January is a tough month for most people but there is light at the end of that tunnel because January is also the month of the First Fortnight Festival which was born to challenge mental health stigma through creative arts.

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This episode was produced by Kuxi & Alan.

The music is ‘L’obelico del mondo’ by Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini