#18 | Empowerment: on Racism, Post-Partum Care, and Nurturing Self-Esteem in Young Girls

On this week’s Sparking Change, we look at the shocking increase in racist incidents in Ireland, discuss an emerging support network for young girls in Ireland, and learn all about post-partum care on our brand-new women’s health feature.

In her editorial, Dil goes back to the roots of Sparking Change, and explains her motivation to fight for and highlight issues of social justice and change – and the importance of independent media.

Krysia Lynch and Deirdre Daly (3:46)

In the first leg of our brand-new women’s health feature, Krysia Lynch – aka the Dublin Doula – introduces us to Deirdre Daly of Trinity College and discusses the post-partum issues affecting so many women, the vaginal mesh scandal, and – on a lighter note – the mysterious Orgasmatron of Milltown!

Shane O’Curry of ENAR Ireland (44:39)

Shane O’Curry of ENAR Ireland joins us to discuss the alarming increase in racist incidents and crimes in Ireland in the last 6 months, as recorded on iReport.ie, and what bystanders can do if they witness a racist incident happening in front of them.

Tammy Darcy – The Shona Project (1:22:23)

Finally, we are joined by the inimitable Tammy Darcy of the Shona Project, to discuss mental health, self-image, and the importance of honesty in relationships. The Shona Project is an initiative to inspire self-esteem, empowerment and education in young women and girls.