#25 | Síofra Dempsey: On Being Non-Binary in the Trans Community

On this week’s episode of Sparking Change, we talk to Síofra Dempsey about the power of pronouns, the importance (and difficulty) of challenging society’s ideas of what gender identity means and on being non-binary in the trans community.

Síofra began using the ‘they’ pronoun two and a half years ago, and tells Dil about those difficult conversations with people you’ve known a long time, and what it’s like when you don’t identify with ‘either’ gender.

They also currently work with Identity, an LGBT solidarity group for people living in Direct Provision. and have worked with ACT UP Dublin, fighting to end the stigma around HIV.

For listeners who aren’t sure what it means to be non-binary, and who are interested in learning but are not sure where to start, Síofra and Dil discuss everything from bathrooms, to difficulties faced by queer migrants, and to how to speak to someone who has changed pronouns.