#27 | How to Handle Work, with Aoife McElwain

This week on Sparking Change, Aoife McElwain, food writer for The Irish Times and Totally Dublin, talks to Dil about her new book Slow at Work, and the importance of learning to slow down and manage your anxiety.

Dill hears all about Aoife’s Aunt Linda – the name she gives her inner critic – and why naming that voice inside our head is a helpful way to externalise those thoughts.

Slow at Work came about after Aoife reached the tipping point of burn out, just as her career was starting to take off, and she realised the importance of taking care of herself, in the short and long-term. Eventually, mental health issues crossed over into the physical, and Aoife realised first hand the importance of asking for help when we need it, and of taking some time out when we’ve taken on too much.