#29 | Dress Good, Feel Good: Chelsea Barry (War Panda Cosplay) on Cosplay as a Form of Therapy

In this episode of Sparking Change, Dil speaks to Irish cosplayer, Chelsea Barry – aka War Panda Cosplay about cosplay, and the power of dressing up — as a character from manga, TV or anything you like — in helping us to feel better about ourselves.

Chelsea has been a cosplayer since 2014. She has been a guest at multiple conventions in Ireland, and has been hand-making her own costumes since the first time she borrowed her sister’s tank top.

In this episode, Chelsea tells Dil how she got into Cosplay, the skills she has learned in pursuing it as a hobby, the cosplay community and the positive atmosphere within it, and how it has helped her work through her mental health issues over the past four years.