#32 | Philippa Ryder and Dermot McCarthy: The Gay Games

Philippa Ryder and Dermot McCarthy: The Gay Games

This episode is an exciting first for Sparking Change, as Dil talks sport! Dil is joined by the hilarious, and extremely impressive (not to mention inspiring) Philippa Ryder and Dermot McCarthy, to discuss the upcoming Gay Games in Paris this August.

Philippa is one of the early committee members of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI). She is beyond excited to be representing Ireland in the cycling event of this years Gay Games. Philippa cycles 100 kilometres every weekend (!!!), so the 32 kilometers in Paris should be no bother to her!

Dermot is an experienced psychotherapist at Insight Matters, who is extremely excited to also be representing Ireland at the Gay Games, where he will be competing in the 10 kilometre run. Dermot has come a long way from hating running in the beginning (don’t we all, Dermot?) to now completing three half-marathons!

In this episode, Dil, Philippa and Dermot discuss sports within the LGBTQ+ community, the evolution of Dublin Pride since its early days, and Dil’s main sport in her life right now, as well as the progress that Ireland can continue to make in its acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

Find out more about the Gay Games here, and give Team Ireland your support on Facebook here.