#33 | Emma and Andrew Magee: Psychs4Choice

This week on Sparking Change, Dil is joined by Andrew and Emma Magee of Psychs4Choice.

Psychs (or Psychologists) for Choice is a pro-repeal group that informs people about the research evidence about how abortion can affect mental health. It especially encourages self care among repealers throughout the referendum campaign.

The upcoming referendum has seen a lot of abuse thrown back and forth, particularly on social media. As well as this, there has been a lot of misrepresentation of information from studies about abortion and its effect on mental health. As psychologists, Emma and Andrew started Psychs for Choice as a way of combating these issues, and contributing to the Repeal Campaign in ways that other groups could not.

In this episode, Dil, Emma and Andrew discuss Psychs for Choice and its aims, the importance of self-care—or tending to your own oxygen mask first, trusting women to make their own decisions, and on the impact that having a termination can have on one’s mental health, as well as the evidence of the progression that Ireland has made in unlikely places.

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