#40 | Young Social Innovator of the Year Awards 2018

Young Social Innovator of the Year Awards 2018

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil hosts the Young Social Innovators of the Year Awards in Croke Park, where she has conversations with four groups of students, who discuss their projects and views on social issues.

(05:40) Generation Z: What Do We Care About?

In the first group, Dil talks with Niamh, Jade, Ellie, Eimear, Emma, and Eva about being in Generation Z, and the challenges that being part of that—the first generation to grow up with social media—brings. They also discuss sexual health, and the importance of talking about sex with parents.

(17:53) Should 16 Year Olds Get to Vote

With the second group of students—Alexandra, Jenny, Con and Áine—Dil discusses possibly lowering the legal voting age to 16 from 18, whether having the vote would encourage younger people to become more informed on issues that they have the vote in, and how your friends can help to keep you informed on current affairs.

(36:48) Being Real in a World of Fake News

Dil is joined by Frank, Eoin, Eimear and Aisling for the third group. They discuss fake news and how to know which online news sources are trustworthy, and how the younger generation get their news compared to their parents as well as the drawbacks of social media, such as Snapchat’s Snap Maps.

(1:03:23) Meet World Class Young Social Innovators

Finally, Dil is joined by previous Young Social Innovators, Colin McAndrew, Thomas Foley, Jackie Walsh and Josie McGrath. Dil and the gang discuss the projects, which include helping to bring about National Missing Persons Day (read about it here), helping to map developing countries that don’t have adequate resources (read about it here), and helping to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups in Ireland (read about it here).