#42 | Together for Yes at the Intercontinental Hotel

Together for Yes at the Intercontinental Hotel

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil is at the Together for Yes event in the Intercontinental Hotel in Ballsbridge, for the announcement of the referendum results. Dil interviews some of the people involved with the incredible Together for Yes campaign, and we hear passionate speeches celebrating what was an amazingly successful campaign.

(01:20) Denise Charlton

Denise is the head of fundraising for Together for Yes. She and Dil discuss the expected timeline for when legislation for abortion will be put in place for safe and legal abortion, and which social issues still need to be fixed for the future.

(08:40) Maria and Alan

Maria and Alan are both involved with Together for Yes. Maria worked on civil society organisation coordination, bringing in diverse groups with the same stance for the referendum together. Alan set up Men4yes to encourage conversation about abortion between men. Dil, Maria and Alan discuss a wide range of topics, such as the diversity within this campaign, the LGBTQI+ presence in the campaign and the lasting positive effects that the Together for Yes campaign will have for all the people involved in it.

(26:40) Marian

Marian is a GP, who has been practising in Dublin for 20 years. She gives an eye-opening account of how she would provide information and support to pregnant women when there was none available.

(35:55) Helen, Philippa and Jenny Ryder

Philippa returns to Sparking Change—she was on the show last month—this time, with her wife, Helen and daughter, Jenny. Dil, Helen, Philippa and Jenny discuss the negative tactics of the ‘No’ campaign, and the nerves they were feeling on voting day.

(42:30) Ivana Bacik

Next, we hear a speech from Ivana Bacik, the leader of the Labour Party in the Seanad. Ivana gives an impassioned speech remembering the days of getting information about abortion from phone numbers on the back of public toilet doors, as well as humorous chants about SPUC.

(47:55) Silke, Sarah and Sinéad

We then hear speeches from Silke from the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Sarah from the Abortion Rights Campaign, and Sinéad from the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment. The ladies tell their stories of how they got involved in the campaign and their inspiration, and give their endless thanks to the huge numbers of people who helped on this amazingly successful campaign, from the people on the administrative side of all the groups involved, to the brave women who stood up told their stories.

(01:03:35) Grainne Griffin, Orla O’Connor and Ailbhe Smith

Finally, we hear elated speeches from Grainne, Orla (01:12:15) and Ailbhe, who are co-directors for the Together for Yes Campaign. You can hear the intense passion from each of these phenomenal people, and the amazing sense of achievement at having accomplished something that seemed so unattainable until only recently. Words simply don’t do it justice.

A massive congratulations to everyone involved in the campaign, and to everyone who voted.