#43 | A look into Homeopathy

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil is joined by Krysia Lynch, Sheelagh Behan and Nanni Schluenz (Midwife Nanni) to discuss homeopathy and its applications to childbirth.

Krysia Lynch is a doula, a homeopath and the chair of AIMS Ireland. Sheelagh Behan is a homeopath and a representative of the Irish Society of Homeopaths. Nanni Schluenz (Midwife Nanni) is a midwife specialising in homebirths. She also makes great use of homeopathy in her practice.

In this episode, Dil, Krysia, Sheelagh and Nanni discuss its history, the issues in proving homeopathy’s effectiveness and the attitude toward homeopathic care in Ireland compared to other countries, as well as the importance in having autonomy over your health, offered by homeopathy, rather than the hierarchical structure of conventional medicine.

Find a registered homeopath near you on the Irish Society of Homeopaths’ website.