#45 | Pride Launch 2018

Pride Launch 2018

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil records from the Civic Offices at Dublin County Council, for the launch of Pride 2018.

This is the 35th anniversary of Pride, and the theme for this year’s Pride is family. First up, Dil has a chat with Clodagh Leonard, the chairperson for Pride, and we also hear from some of the people involved in organising Pride for this year, with Clodagh as the M.C.

(07:55) Lord Mayor Mícheál MacDonncha

First to speak at the event is the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mícheál MacDonncha, who acknowledges and pays homage to the people who struggled and fought for LGBTQI+ rights in the past.

(12:23) Sarah Phillips

Up next is Sarah Phillips, who will be Grand Marshal for this year’s Pride parade, and only the third ever transgender Grand Marshal. Sarah is also the chairperson for TENI. Sarah encourages us to remember past heroes in LGBTQI+ rights.

(16:45) Clodagh Leonard

Clodagh takes an opportunity to talk about family, and the amazing family that Pride is and will continue to be moving forward.

(20:12) Senator Fintan Warfield

Fintan draws attention the LGBTQI+ issues that still have to improve, such as same-sex or trans parents, and introducing legislation for hate crimes, which still does not exist in this country. Sadly, Fintan did not have the chance to bring his guitar to serenade us with.

(25:38) Brian Higgins

Brian is the CEO of Pieta House. He speaks about how more young people than ever seek help from Pieta House for feeling suicidal because of their sexuality or gender identity.

(32:15) Jacob Erickson

Jacob is the assistant professor of theological ethics, at Trinity College, Dublin. Jacob shares messages of positivity towards the LGBTQI+ from religious figures around the world, contrary to the religious stereotypes.

(39:48) Eddie Mc Guinness

Eddie is the Pride manager, and he tells us of the events leading up to Pride. He also talks about the commercial aspect of Pride, and how the partners that help fund Pride are what makes it possible to keep it growing.

(52:00) Jed Dowling

Finally, is Jed Dowling, the director of Pride. Jed pays tribute to GCN, and also speaks insightfully on the fact that he is a part of the last generation to know life where homosexuality was illegal, while thanking the people who fought for LGBTQI+ rights, but didn’t get to live with the rights that they fought so hard for.