#49 | Discovery Gospel Choir: The Elephant in the Room

In this episode of Sparking Change, Dil interviews Uche, Mika and Daniel of the Discovery Gospel Choir. We then hear their amazing performance of ‘The Elephant in the Room’ on the Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre.

Formed in 2004, Discovery Gospel Choir is home to a community of creatives from across the world. With over 30 members, this Dublin-based choir has become renowned for its unique fusion of gospel, folk and world music. Using music as a way to create and connect, audiences delight in hearing its inspirational message: ‘discover beauty in everyone’. From humble beginnings, today the gospel group continues its journey as Ireland’s leading intercultural choir. Find out more about them here.

Dil speaks to Uche, Mika and Daniel about the representation of different cultures on stage, and they discuss the creative process behind ‘The Elephant in the Room’ as well as the message behind it. They also discuss Discovery Gospel Choir’s message of integration and the sense of community—and family—that Discovery Gospel Choir provides for people of all cultures and nationalities through the simple joy of song.

After this, we hear the performance of ‘Elephant in the Room’, which includes some hilarious scenes interspersed with beautiful singing. Drawn from real experience and combined with songs, ‘The Elephant in the Room’ takes a contemporary look at ethnic diversity and what it means for Ireland. By giving a voice to stories of integration you are invited to reflect upon how we can build an inclusive society for Irish and migrant communities alike.