#50 | Brian Teeling: Uncover

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil is joined by photographer Brian Teeling to discuss his latest exhibition, Uncover, which has recently finished in Dublin, and will be at The Lavit Gallery in Cork from the 2nd–9th of August (more info here).

Uncover will feature over fifty portraits of subjects drawn from a diverse cross-section of Irish LGBT+ life. The subjects of the exhibition are drawn from all walks of Irish society and include politicians, musicians, artists, activists and unsung heroes. Figures include: Senator Fintan Warfield; theatre director, Garry Hynes; drag artist, Veda Beaux Reeves; and broadcaster and designer, Brendan Courtney.

Funds raised through the sale of the prints, will go towards Gay Switchboard Ireland, accompanied by the sale of limited edition Gay Switchboard Ireland merchandise (to be sold in a pop-up shop at Hen’s Teeth Prints). Founded in 1974, Gay Switchboard Ireland is the oldest LGBT+ community service in the Republic of Ireland. The helpline has seen an increase in calls since 2015. Currently, the organisation relies solely on the goodwill of the community it serves to stay in operation.

As well as Uncover, Brian and Dil discuss further improvements that can be made for LGBTQI+ rights post the marriage quality referendum, the HIV crisis amongst young gay men in Ireland and how sex education needs to be improved to help combat this, the arrival of the Pope, and Brian’s way of protesting, and Brian’s experience of talking to his mother about the Abortion referendum this year. Dil also advises on renting children!

See Brian’s work here and here, and be sure to see Uncovered in the Lavit Gallery, Cork from Thursday the 2nd until Saturday the 11th of August!