#57 | Paula Leonard & Maik Dunnbier

This week on Sparking Change, Dil interviews Paula Leonard and Maik Dunnbier about a seminar from the 4th of May: Opening Ireland’s Eyes: Alcohol justice and the sustainable development goals. After this, is a recording of the event itself.

Paula Leonard has over twenty years of experience working in the community and voluntary sector in a range of areas including research, policy, consultancy, facilitation and health inequality. She has been the National Lead for Community Action on Alcohol based in the Alcohol Forum since July 2016.

Next, Dil interviews Maik Dunnbier. Maik is Director of Strategy and Advocacy at IOGT International. He has an academic background in political science, philosophy, and history of ideas as well as global development and is currently pursuing studies at Stockholm University. Maik is currently in charge of IOGT International’s advocacy work on global and regional level, leading the engagement with the UN system. He is tasked with developing the strategic approach to alcohol control both in terms of tying together all levels, from local to global, as well as mainstreaming alcohol policy into all relevant policy areas within the work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally we hear audio from the seminar itself, which includes speeches from Paula and Maik as well as Dudley Tarlton. As Programme Specialist in UNDP’s Bureau Policy and Programme Support, Dudley focuses on health partnerships, and covers issues including non-communicable diseases, the social determinants of health and the sustainable development agenda. He works closely with partners such as WHO, the FCTC Secretariat, and the Global Fund.