#6 | Homeless and Housing Crisis in Ireland

This week we dedicate the full episode to the homeless and housing crisis in Ireland.

In her editorial Dil shares her own personal experience of being homeless in Sri Lanka and how it impacted her mental health.

We speak to people on the ground who are voluntarily helping people struggling with homelessness while also attempting to connect the general public to this urgent issue.

This week’s guests are:

Gary Daly; solicitor with Gary Daly and Co and activist, who represented nominated defendants in the Apollo House Injunction Proceedings.

Anthony Flynn, CEO of Inner City Helping Homeless Organisation Dublin and the ‘My Name Is’ campaign that has put faces to the thousands of children currently living in homelessness in Ireland.

Sheila Lafferty, an activist and advocate with Dublin Central Housing Action, a group who offer peer to peer support and advice to people at risk of homelessness and currently homeless.

Will St Leger, Artist and Activist – created the art installation on Kings Street as part of the My Name Is campaign to show the cramped living conditions of the accommodation provided for lone parent families with 2 children.

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This episode was produced by Kuxi & Alan.

The music is ‘L’obelico del mondo’ by Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini