#4 | Maia Dunphy, Louise O’Neill and Noeline Blackwell

Dil shares her experience of sexual assault in the workplace as part of the #MeToo global movement.

We meet Irish blogger, author, broadcaster and television producer Maia Dunphy she is now a mum of 2 year old Tom and has written her first book The M Word where she shares her experiences of dealing with unwanted advice, sleep deprivation, competitive parenting and dirty nappies.

Then we ask Irish author Louise O’Neill and Noeline Blackwell of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre what are the barriers to creating a rape-free society and we also hear about The Broken Spiral which is an anthology of short stories by Irish authors in aid of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

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This episode was produced by Kuxi & Alan.

The music is ‘L’obelico del mondo’ by Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini