#16 | #MeToo and #Timesup: Speaking Out – At Your Own Pace.

#MeToo, and #Timesup: Speaking Out – At Your Own Pace.

On this week’s Sparking Change, we look at the growing impact of the #MeToo movement, and why survivors of abuse of power can find it difficult to speak out, discuss the #TimesUp campaign at the Golden Globes and look at the importance of speaking out, at our own pace.

In her editorial, Dil discusses the new #timesup campaign, and looks to some words of wisdom from Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech – get ready to feel empowered!

We are joined by writer, activist and musician Eoin O’Faogain (5:10), who was one of the 5 men to speak out against comedian Al Porter, as he shares his story in audio for the first time with Dil, and discusses sexual assault culture in Ireland.

Later, we are joined by a panel of therapists from Insight Matters (43:36), who discuss the center’s new #IBelieveYou support group, as special-guest baby Xavier reminds us of the importance of letting our feelings out!

Our panelists explain how the group is a safe space, where survivors of bullying, sexual assault and harassment, and abuse of power in the media industry can seek help and understanding, and reassure listeners that group therapy need not be intimidating.