#14 | Who Will Water the Olive Trees?

Who Will Water the Olive Trees?

Every day we are inundated with breaking news about the refugee crisis around the world, and closer to home, of the tragedy surrounding the Tuam Babies case. For many, it can be difficult to know where to look, or what to think.

Luckily, on this week’s Sparking Change, we have some guests lined up who will not only inform you, but will hopefully instil in you some of their passion!

Limerick-born musician Susie Q will join us to discuss her debut track ‘Home’, exploring migration and the need for hope.

Social activist, Izzy Kamikaze will be here to discuss the report on the memorialization of the Tuam Babies site, and if further investigation is needed.

And finally, Syrian-born journalist Razan Ibraheem will be here to speak to us about her own inspirational story, her parents beloved olive trees, and why her father is a feminist!