#41 | Together 4 Yes at the Honest2Goodness Market

On this episode of Sparking Change, Dil records once again from the Honest2Goodness market and talks to people about the upcoming referendum.

Included in this episode are Emma, Sinéad, Tracy and Karen at the together4Yes table, who discuss the reality of abortion for Irish women, the dangers of being complacent in the vote, interactions with the no voters, and of course the huge importance for men to get out and vote.

Dil also discusses lawyers4yes with Fiona de Londras, who are endeavouring to combat misrepresentation of the truth in this referendum, as well as the questions that people who are on the fence about the issue should ask themselves.

Loraine, Sharon and Sarah then discuss with Dil the difficulties in having conversations about the referendum with people and family members who have different opinions, as well as the importance of knowing what you are voting for.

Here is a fantastic source of information for anyone who would like to learn more.