Spice Bags | Corned Beef & Kennedys

Hot on the heels of another Irish-American president elect, Joe Biden, Spice Bags delves into the complicated history of the Irish in America. Blanca has mingled with the Irish of Chicago and DC; Mei has lived in Boston, New Haven, and New York, and Dee has traveled widely in the US and contemplated immigrating herself. What’s up with corned beef? Why does Irish-American soda bread always come with sultanas?  We discuss how old Irish habits (and accents) have lingered in the US, where they have moved on in Ireland itself. We also talk about how the modern Irish identity is infiltrating that of Irish Americans today.

In this week’s episode:

Maura Laverty

Colman Andrews, The Country Cooking of Ireland

Caroline Campion and Kathy Brennan, Keepers

Kevin Dundon, www.kevindundon.com

David McWilliams https://open.spotify.com/show/6dzfsIlMVEdKVSfSd1mclr

The Dead Rabbit