Spice Bags | Totes Appropes – Cultural Appropriation in Food

From Australian chefs making Nashville hot chicken to Alison Roman putting coconut milk in her stew, cultural appropriation is a hot-button topic right now in the food world.

What exactly is cultural appropriation? How has it shaped our culinary landscape? What does it mean when we talk about white privilege and its relationship to cultural appropriation?

While we can’t begin to pretend to have the answers to this extremely thorny issue, on this week’s Spice Bags we touch upon some writers and chefs who are tackling it in their work (like the restaurant critic Soleil Ho), some famous appropriators in food history (both good and bad); and also discuss how we can educate ourselves about responsible appropriation in the future.

Referenced in this episode:
Soleil Ho, “Craving the Other

Osyai Endolyn, “Fried Chicken is the Common Ground

Michael Twitty, The Cooking Gene

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