Spice Bags | Food Fight

Everyone loves a food fight. In the wake of the recent Alison Roman-Chrissy Teigen dustup, Spice Bags take a look at some of our favourite culinary squabbles, which range from delightfully entertaining to downright nasty. Also we salute some of our dearest food provocateurs, the late, great Anthony Bourdain among them. Why is a good food fight so tantalising to us? What role, if any, do they play in shaping the food’s future? Amidst all the dishing, there is room for thoughtful conversation about how food fights make us think about appropriation, honesty, plagiarism, and race.

Correction: In the podcast, Mei states that a restauranteur filed a lawsuit against a reviewer before she published her article entitled, “The Peacock, the Critic, and the Blind Pussy.” He did not; he wrote a solicitor’s letter.
Also Alison Roman is 34, and not 31.

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