Spice Bags | Ridiculous Books for Cooks

While everyone’s become a pioneer wife, turning to the cookbooks that teach pantry cooking and parsimony, in this episode we celebrate the ridiculous, the aspirational, the esoteric, and the gloriously dated. From the entertaining menus of fabulous interior designer Lee Bailey (no, we would not be invited to any of his soirées) to the sourdough loaves baked in outdoor ovens by the Basque shepherds of Idaho, Blanca unloads the best of these, along with some hilarious stories, from her time at London’s judgiest cookshop, Books for Cooks. Tune into us to hear about some cookbooks that you will not be turning to in times of need– unless you crave a green jelly avocado ring in your life.

Learn more about Books for Cooks on: https://www.booksforcooks.com/

Some of Spice Bags‘ favourite ridiculous books:

Lee Bailey, Lee Bailey’s City Food

Mary Berry, The Colour Book of Freezer Cookery

Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart’s Appetizers 

Gordon Ramsay, Passion for Seafood

Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade Cocktail Time

Chan Chen Hei, Dim Sum

Roberto Marin, Secrets of Patagonian Barbecue